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Through the 15 years of experience as a school psychologist, Dr. Kingsley sees the wonderment and excitement of each child and at times the unshakeable despair and desperation. By listening empathically and guiding with a holistic and solution oriented approach, Dr. Kingsley is able to lead the child to understanding and empowerment. In addition,

Dr. Kingsley assists the family and child to navigate through the school system and communicate effectively with teachers and school personnel in order to get individualized needs met and setting up the best possible outcomes for


     In addition to her work with children and families, Dr. Kingsley works with adults and older teens on life issues that are getting in the way of anyone experiencing success.  As a life coach, Dr. Kingsley guides clients through a very structured and goal oriented process of developing a life map to get clients to where they want to be wether that is professionally, personally, and/or in their relationships with others.  














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