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With You Every Step of the Way

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Psycho-educational Assessment

  • IQ Testing

  • Academic Testing

  • ADHD Assessment

  • Autism related testing and diagnosis 

  • Processing Deficits (visual processing, auditory processing, visual motor, expressive, memory)

  • Social Emotional deficits (depression, anxiety, school refusal, somatic disorders)

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Individual Counseling

Dr. Kingsley will guide your child through issues related to depression, anxiety, academic struggles, and lack of confidence.  Together we will map out a plan to for you child to feel successful and happy personally and academically.  

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Parent Support

Dr. Kingsley can provide individualized sessions for parents who are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of parenting and need the knowledge and tools to equip them with the means necessary to help their children be happy and successful.


  • Developmental stages of childhood and adolescence

  • drug and alcohol dependence

  • Parent and child relationship issues

  • Internet addiction

  • Stress management

IEP Consultation and Advocacy

  • Dr. Kingsley can consult with you on your child's IEP and can attend IEP meetings to help guide the school's teachers and staff regarding accommodations/modifications and placement decisions 

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Life Unstuck Coaching 

If you are feeling as though you need balance, positivity, a new direction, or a change in how you think and navigate though life, Dr. Kingsley can help you through different obstacles getting in the way.  For parents, this could mean that you have forgotten about your own identity, have difficulty meeting the needs of everyone in your life, and wish to find something that is meaningful just for you so that you can feel more successful personally at home as parents, significant others, in the work force, as well as with yourself.  If it's just for you personally, this could help to lift your mood, get you out of a negative spiral, and believing that fulfillment is achievable.  Let's create your plan of action and create a life that is not only about surviving, but about manifesting what you thought wasn't possible.  

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